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HR-Guide to Job Analysis (
Website containing numerous web based resources for job analysis.


Dictionary of Occupational Titles (
Government site!

Other Sites

Absolute HR Solutions (
Offers professional pre-written HR policies, procedures and job descriptions

Alderwick Consulting (
Provides focus selecting on business and finance professionals for commercial, industrial and financial services companies in the UK, Europe and worldwide. Provides job analysis services.

Descriptions Now Direct (
On line forms for creating job descriptions that can be downloaded from the Internet or e-mailed.

Software for determining the optimum sales force size. (
eTools to help small businesses, busy managers, and HR professionals find, develop, and manage employees. It's a virtual HR department that will help you handle critical issues like hiring and recruiting, managing employee performance, training, and benefits and compensation, and more. (
A community and information source for HR managers

ICT/Clayton Wallis (
OMF Job and Competency Analysis System is a proven and integrated modern job and competency analysis tool for the compensation professional, job analyst, industrial psychologist or other job and competency investigation and design professional.

Independent Job Analysis, LLC (
Lots of Job and Occupational Analysis info, scientific papers regarding OA, links to OA sites.

Job Analysis Net (
Website containing numerous web based resources for job analysis.

Job Designers (
Job Designers,is an HR consulting support delivered by The Competence Group (TCG) 52-1963151. Job Designers delivers position description development, employment and wage analysis | job trend analysis | classication system design | compensation system audit & review | salary manuals | personnel policy and employee handbooks | staffing research | audits | analysis | job pricing | FLSA determinations | salary surveys | wage increase analysis | desk audits | impact studies | market vs. competitor variants | recruitment and trend analysis | exit interview studies | and other compensation, classification, personnel administration, HR support you need.

JobGenie (
The Dictionary of Occupational Titles on CD ROM and on web.

The Occupational Information Network (
O*NET, the Occupational Information Network, is an easy-to-use database that runs on a Windows-based personal computer. It contains comprehensive information on job requirements and worker competencies. O*NET replaces the Dictionary of Occupational Titles and offers a more dynamic framework for exploring the world of work.

PAQ's eDOT Skills Project (
This is a working site for field job analysts contributing job analysis data, PAQ's eDOT Skill Project researchers who analyze the data, and forensic economists who wish to review underlying data files' field input and standard deviations.

PAQ Services, Inc. (
PAQ Services provides subscriptions to the enhanced Dictionary of Occupational Titles (eDOT) and online job analysis scoring of the PAQ structured job analysis questionnaire that measures job characteristics and relates them to human characteristics.

Preventive HR (
Develop your job descriptions, conduct job evaluations and performance evaluations all online and in a paperless environment through the Dashboard.

The Rainmaker Group (
The Rainmaker Group will help you establish a Job Benchmark that can be used to select the best employee for the job. With the use of our powerful personality assessments, you can match the skills, values, and behaviors necessary for successful job completion to the Job Benchmark we help you establish. The results are amazing: higher employee retention, improved morale, and lower turnover.

Return To Work America (
Video Based Job Analysis... "Because Written Job Descriptions Don't Tell The Whole Story". Cost Containment at it's best!!! Cutting edge technology. Close your case FAST. A Video Based Job Analysis will save you money and time, and cut your workload.

R.J.Harvey (
Job analysis and personality research web page.

Sample Job Descriptions (
Complete guide to Job Descriptions, Job description samples, templates, profiles, duties, responsibilities and job specifications.

SkillsNET (
Develops and evaluates processes for linking industry-specific skill standards with the O*NET in order to impact workplace development.


Job Analysis (

Job Analysis and Description (

How to Write a Job Analysis and Description (