Job Analysis: Consultants: RFP's

When responding to, or generating, a Request For Proposal (RFP), a consultant should identify the:

  1. Consulting Approach

    1. Define the underlying approach towards consulting for this type of Job Analysis project.
    2. Define the role of the consultant.
    3. Define the expected role of the client.
    4. Describe the technical approach of the project.
    5. Describe the methodologies for achieving the project goals and objectives to include statistical and computing approaches.
    6. Describe how the required deliverables will be produced.

  2. Project Management Structure

    1. Identify key personnel and their areas of responsibility as it relates to the project.
    2. Identify the project leader and the relationship of other staff to the project leader.
    3. Include a resume or vita of the principle project members.

  3. Qualifications and Experience

    1. Provide description of the organization as it relates to the project including:

      1. general performance capabilities and reputation,
      2. quality of performance on previous contracts of a similar nature,

  4. Subcontractors

    1. Identify all subcontractors.
    2. Describe the services to be provided by the subcontractors.

  5. Client Staff and Resources

    1. Describe the extent to which the consultant will utilize the Client's resources in terms of:

      1. Staff
      2. Space
      3. Computer Time
      4. Equipment

  6. Project Timeline

    1. Provide a schedule including:

      1. start of project,
      2. project activities,
      3. end of project